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Drill Truck: Innovating Drill Technology

In the realm of well drilling, technological marvels are continually shaping industries. One such innovation that stands out is the MWT-350 vehicle-mounted water well drilling rig.

Let’s dive into the intricacies of how this impressive drill truck operates and the manifold applications it serves.

The MWT-350 Drill Truck in Action

The heart of this drill truck lies in its utilization of a SINO HOWO truck chassis, paired with a potent 25-bar, two-stage compression high-pressure air compressor.

This dynamic duo empowers the rig with a lifting force of 22 tons, enabling it to delve into the depths of 351 meters when drilling water wells.

Capacity and Drilling Methods

Capacity and Drilling Methods

The MWT-350 doesn’t just stop at depth; its capabilities extend to hole diameters ranging from 140 to 325 mm (5.5″ to 13″) with a maximum depth of 350 meters at an 8″ diameter.

Employing both down-the-hole (DTH) and rotary drilling methods, it exhibits versatility in handling various drilling requirements.

Power Play: Prime Mover Options

For the prime mover, the MWT-350 offers flexibility with two options. Option one taps into the truck engine’s power (290 hp, 336 hp, and 371 hp) through the Power Take-Off (PTO) system and a transfer gearbox.

Alternatively, option two involves a standalone 92 kW diesel engine dedicated to the drilling rig.

Structural Prowess and Mast Assembly

Structural Prowess and Mast Assembly

The platform structure boasts a heavy I and C section welded steel frame covered with a 5mm chequered plate.

Double oil cylinders lift a compound drill boom that is part of the mast assembly, which is a crucial component. This not only enhances lifting force but also reduces the rig’s transport size.

Feed System and Rotary Head Assembly

The feed system exerts a pull-down force ranging from 10 to 110 tons at 200 bars, with a pull-up speed of 18 m/min and a pull-down speed of 33 m/min.

The rotary head assembly features a self-developed, fabricated steel body with spur gear reduction, oil bath lubrication, and dual hydraulic motors.

It achieves a maximum torque of 8500 Nm and a rotation speed of 66–135 rpm, finely controlled for precision drilling.

Hydraulics, Control Panel, and Beyond

Hydraulics, Control Panel, and Beyond

The hydraulic system incorporates fixed displacement pumps for feed, rotation, mud pump, hydraulic cooler, auxiliary operations, and micro feed.

With a maximum system pressure of 2900 psi (200 bar) and a hydraulic tank capacity of 600 liters, the MWT-350 ensures smooth operation.

A centralized control panel provides a convenient view at the rear end and is equipped with gauges, control systems, and an emergency switch.

Safety is paramount, and the control panel comes with locking arrangements.

Intricate Additions for Efficiency

From breakout wrenches and water/foam injection pumps to single rod changers, winches, and even a welding machine, the MWT-350 encompasses a suite of features to enhance operational efficiency.

Applications and Industry Significance

Applications and Industry Significance

Truck-mounted drill rigs like the MWT-350 find applications in construction, mining, and water well drilling.

Their contribution to the extraction of earth samples, mineral resources, and groundwater facilitates industrial development.

Notably, these rigs play a pivotal role in the geotechnical industry, aiding in soil testing and sub-surface surveys.

Versatility in Drilling Purposes

The MWT-350 serves diverse drilling purposes, ranging from borehole drilling and mineral exploration to environmental testing and well digging.

Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset across numerous projects, reaffirming its indispensability in various operational settings.

Confronting Geological Challenges

Confronting Geological Challenges

Geological conditions pose no hindrance to the MWT-350. Designed to tackle diverse terrains, from soft soil to hard rock formations, this drill truck remains unwavering even in adverse conditions.

The reliability of Drillrigy’s truck-mounted drill rigs underscores their wide applicability and resilience in the face of challenging geological landscapes.


In conclusion, the MWT-350 drill truck stands as a testament to innovation in well drilling technology, combining power, precision, and versatility to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry.


What is the maximum drilling depth achievable with the MWT-350 drill truck?

The MWT-350 boasts a formidable maximum drilling depth of 351 meters, making it a robust solution for deep water well drilling.

How does the MWT-350 handle geological challenges in various terrains?

Designed for versatility, the MWT-350 excels in tackling diverse terrains, from soft soil to hard rock formations, ensuring reliable performance under varying geological conditions.

What is the prime mover configuration for the MWT-350 drill rig?

The MWT-350 offers two prime mover options. Option 1 utilizes the PTO system, drawing power from the truck engine (290 hp, 336 hp, and 371 hp).

Option 2 features a dedicated 92 kW diesel engine for individual rig configurations.

Can the MWT-350 accommodate different hole diameters in its drilling operations

Absolutely. The MWT-350 exhibits versatility with hole diameters ranging from 140 to 325 mm (5.5″ to 13″), catering to a spectrum of drilling requirements.

What safety features are integrated into the control panel of the MWT-350?

The centralized control panel comes equipped with all necessary gauges, control systems, and an emergency switch.

Locking arrangements are implemented to ensure the safety of the control panel during operations.

How does the MWT-350 contribute to industrial development in the mining sector?

Truck-mounted drill rigs like the MWT-350 play a crucial role in the mining industry, facilitating quick and efficient extraction of earth samples and mineral resources, contributing significantly to industrial development.

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